Have you recently brought a high pigmented eyeshadow palette? Well, are you only using one or two colors? That’s what women generally do. From a palette, women tend to use only two to three colors forgetting about the rest of the palette. Even as the eyeshadow palette comes with an instruction on where to put each color, many of us feel uncomfortable in using bright colors to complete our look. Therefore instead of applying the wrong color at the wrong place, you should know the precise location of where to put which eyeshadow.

Every time you open up an eyeshadow palette, start by locating the lightest shade. Light colors present in the palette can be used as a highlighter. Therefore, they must go under the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye. Next, pick up the medium shade and use it to blend the colors together. Finally, choose the darkest shade and use it to create depth in the crease.

When you are choosing between which shapes to create with your eyeshadow, remember that dark colors add drama and dimensions while light colors are drawn to lighter pigments. If you have deep set eyes, try blending out the medium color on the lid leaving the darkest color to enhance the corner of the eye. This will draw attention to your lid while opening up your eye.

Here are some effective tips to wear different colors perfectly on your eyelid:

  • Lighter shades – Inner corner and brow bone

When working with a high pigmented eyeshadow palette, remember that lighter hues are designed for the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone. These are the ultimate highlighting areas for the eye makeup. So you can choose light whites, silver, champagnes or reflective shades as highlighters. They will brighten and lighten up your entire eye.

  • Medium shades – Crease

The crease is where you need to create depth. Therefore, add a medium-toned shade in the crease to add dimension and depth to any kind of eyeshadow look. You can choose a cool toned or a warm color into the lid where it sinks in the most. However, make sure to blend out any harsh line which may separate different eyeshadow shades.

  • Deep shades – Outer V

The deepest shades in your high pigmented eyeshadow palette should be placed on the outer V corner. This is the edge of the crease which sits parallel to the end of the brow. Outer V is the most hollowed portion of the lid. This is a spot that is the focal point for any kind of smokey eye. Focusing on the outer V will instantly glam up your minimalist or maximalist eyeshadow look.

  • Any color – Lash line

The only part of the eye where you can apply with a variety of colors is the lower lash line. This is the area which is present under the bottom lashes. So after you have completed the upper eyelid, now it’s the right time to play with the lower lashline. Feel free to pick any color from the palette and swipe on the lower lash line. While you can choose a poppy bright shade for an unexpected drama, a deeper shade will help define the lower lash line.

  • Application of the colors

Now that you understand which color goes where, it is important to get hold of the proper technique of application of the eyeshadow. The best brush to use for blending out the colors together is a tapered fluffy brush. The fluffier and bigger the brush is, the better blending will you be able to achieve. Next, you need to get your hands on a different brush to blend the darker colors. When you want to have a deposit color on the outer corner V, you need to have a dense short brush.

So the order for the application of high pigmented eyeshadow palette colors is:

  • Lightest highlighting color in the inner corner
  • Medium shadow color on the lid
  • Darkest smokey color on the outer V
  • Transition blending color on the deep set crease

You can also choose to wear monochrome color by following the above stated-points. Finally, when you have applied the colors, remember to wipe the outer excess eyeshadow to achieve a clean line. Alternatively, you can even use a tape to achieve a crisp line. Complete your look with winged eyeliner and you are good to go.

When shopping for a high pigmented eyeshadow palette, make sure to get your hands on the best product as cheap or fake eyeshadow palette doesn’t give the required color on the lid.