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List of our private label makeup line

Lip Line

Creamy Matte liquid lispticks

Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks

Creamy Matte Lip Liner

Lip kit

Matte lipsticks

Matte liquid lipsticks gift sets

Lip Lustre lip gloss

Lip Strobe lip gloss

Face Line

Liquid Foundation (NEW)

Highlighter Kit Palette

Blusher palette

Countour Palette

Liquid Highlighter

Bronzer – Body Cream

Bronzer – Glow Shimmer Mist

Eyes Line

Eyeshadow Palette in different types of cardboard palette

High pigment eyeshadows in matte finish, shimmer finish, satin finish, and metallic finish

Presssed Glitter Palette

Duochrome eyeshadow Palette (NEW)

Single eyeshadow (VAC tray, paper envelop & plastic jar)

Eyeshadow magnetic palette

Eyeliner Gel

Eyeliner Gel Kit

Eyebrow Cushion

Eyebrow pencil

Brushes Line

Brushes Set with Rose Gold Ferrules

Single Brushes