Private Label Glitter Lip Gloss/Lip Strobe Supplier

Note: This Samples has one pc of lip strobe and recommended color matched creamy matte lip liner. No handmade gift box is included. Order empty box click here! 
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About Aurora Lip Strobe and Creamy Matte lip Liner

Cruelty Free, Vegan and Paraben Free Product.

Ultimate add-on to your lip game, the Aurora’s Lip Strobe proposes a versatile combination of effects and applications. Offering a prismatic spectrum of sheer and full coverage colors, each one of them boasts its own pigment and pearl complex. Some are beautifully iridescent, infused with pearls, and others are packed with rich pigments or have subtle, glimmering glitters.

Incorporated into an adherent yet flexible dewy base, it gives lips a sculpted and volumized gleam visible from every angle. The non-sticky and cushion-like texture make wear more comfortable than ever while the precision, heart-shaped flock glides on generously for an even coat in one gesture.

Packaging: Tube with black cap, and glitter silver cap

Matching Lip strobe and creamy matte lip liner

Lip Strobe  01—-  Lip Liner 5006
Lip Strobe  02—-  Lip Liner 5006
Lip Strobe  03—-  Lip Liner 5006
Lip Strobe  04—-  Lip Liner 6001
Lip Strobe  05—-  Lip Liner 2003
Lip Strobe  06—-  Lip Liner 1012
Lip Strobe  07—-  Lip Liner 5007
Lip Strobe  08—-  Lip Liner 1006
Lip Strobe  09—-  Lip Liner 3007
Lip Strobe  10—-  Lip Liner 6004
Lip Strobe  11—-  Lip Liner 1007
Lip Strobe  12—-  Lip Liner 2006