Aurora Global Brands offer a professional private label eyelashes line with low MOQ. 

Our Magnetic Eyelashes work by sandwiching natural lashes between a false lash set that adheres with small magnets. To apply, one simply places the top lash and the bottom lash on the lash line with her natural lashes in between. The false lashes, which are reusable, click into place and are designed to be easily removed by sliding the magnetic strips apart.

Magnetic Eyelashes Collection contain 6 types of MINK lashes and 6 types of Faux MINK lashes. The series use the high quality raw material and all have very natural 3D effect. Please select single Eyelashes Samples or Full Sample Pack to test. Sample Lashes are kepted in VAC tray. It’s best to use with Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner.

Packaging Options (Please order individual boxes in the link: Lashes Box.)

  • Various Single Box with window: Size 113*54*14.5mm. Printing Option: Hot Stamp Printing.
  • Various Handmade Gift Box with/without window: You can combine outer box and inside box with different colors. Size: 119*60*21mm. Printing Options: UV 3D colorful print or Hot stamp print.
  • We can bespoke produce package according to your own design, e.g. a kit including eyelashes and lashes adhesive.

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