The best selling lip line sample set includes the following makeup products
We send out the samples by default, if you have specific requirement, please leave note.
Best selling Lip line:

– Matte Liquid Lipstick * All shades (47 shades, mixed tubes in rose gold, black and silver tube)
– Matte Solid lipstick * All shades (7 shades)
– Lip strobe lip gloss (12 colors, mixed tube:silver and black)
– Lip Lustre lip gloss (12 colors, mixed tube: white, rose gold and black)
– Creamy matte lip liner (47 shades, color matched to matte liquid lipsticks shades)

Packaging supplied in the sample set:
Single paper box for lip products. All variants included.
Lip kit handemade paper box. It can contain a matte liquid lipstick and a color matched lip liner.
Some printed packaging as samples

Contact us to get the detailed info of each product.