Explanations on Private Label Program and Pricing System

  • Our products are cruelty free and are paraben free.
  • Our products are made according to EU and FDA requirement. However, these
    products are not registered on your brand in your countries of sell. If you want
    to do so, please let us know what kind of documents you require before, and
    we will try our best to support. Actually most of my clients don’t need this.
  • Samples are kept in tubes without your logo. If you want, then logo plate
    creation is required, and cost incurred. Good news is that this fee is one-time
    fee, if you don’t change the plate.
  • For final goods production, we will create your logo plate first then foil
    stamping printed on the container. We need also create printing plate for
    paper box before printing all information necessary on it. The plate creation
    fee will be charged, but it’s a onetime fee if you don’t change the plate for your
    product line. You can decide whether to use paper box for your product line.
  • If you order over 3000 pieces of one product, then you can have a totally
    bespoke designed paper box for your product. Currently for the private label
    line, the room for design is very limited. Or you can order 3000 pieces of paper
    boxes separately and we keep them in our warehouse for free, so when do you
    reorder, we can use your own paper boxes for you.
  • We don’t have MOQ requirement on MOQ of private label program. The unit
    price depends on the quantity you will purchase per product in total. Cost for
    the paper box and printing on container and paper box is required if you want
  • Print plats have to be made before printing your logo and information on the
    packaging, so there is a cost accordingly. So if you want to print your logo on
    the tube and print contents on the paper box, then 320 USD in total is a must.
    However, this is one time fee, which means you won’t be charged on this cost
    again when you reorder, unless you change the artwork to the plate.
  • Set up fee is the cost per shade per time. If you want to order 10 shades for
    example, you need 15USD*10 for the set up fee.
  • Postage fee depends on the actual rate from DHL express.
  • Design fee is optional per item. It will be charged if you want us to design the
    logo or design the print plate for you.
  • We can develop shades for you if you are not satisfied with the shade chart
    we provide. Extra developing cost is a must (usually 50 USD per shade).
  • Regarding payment, we accept PayPal, Western Union and International bank wire