How To Start Up Your Own Cosmetics Laboratory?

The big cosmetic laboratory influencing the market seems to get all of the benefits in the industry but small businesses that want to bounce into the cosmetic world, either by building their own line of products or representing a manufacturer’s cosmetic line, experience a variety of benefits, too. And using these advantages need careful consideration [...]

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[:en]China’s Cosmetics Industry: Opportunities and Challenges for Foreign Investment[:fr]Cosmétique Industrie de la Chine : Opportunités et défis pour l’investissement étranger[:]

[:en]In recent years, China’s cosmetics industry has experienced dramatic growth. Expanding along with China’s economic upturn, the Middle Kingdom now has the world’s second largest cosmetics consumer market after the U.S. Although the industry saw its lowest growth rate in 2014 since 2005 (12.3 percent), China’s market is still extremely lucrative. According to Euromonitor International’s [...]

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[:en]Current structure of China’s consumer market of cosmetic products[:fr]La structure actuelle du marché de la consommation de la Chine de produits cosmétiques[:]

[:en]Skin care products: skin care products represent the fastest growing sector in the cosmetics market. Shampoos and hair care products: the shampoo and hair care products market is becoming saturated and its growth has decelerated. Make-up products: the make-up market is far from saturated, particularly in rural regions and inland cities. Sales of eye make-up [...]

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