Private label Cosmetics Supplier

Put Your Name On Our Best Selling Products.

Aurora Global Brands whosale and private label supply eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, highlighters and foundations.

Get your production quickly done, low mininum order quantity.

Variouse Pacakging opitions are offered for your beauty brand.

Enjoy low startup costs, low risk and high profit margins.

Over 1000 SKUs are supplied.


private label makeup supplier
private label makeup manufacturer

Custom Cosmetics Production

Flexible in formula & packaging

We design your own formulas, shade ranges and packaging.

Differenciate your brand in the marketplace.

Enjoy remarkable competitive PRICE, to have the largest profit margin.

Our production capacity can fulfill most cosmetics production request.


private label matte liquid lipstick
private label lip gloss
private label liquid foundation
Custom your eyeshadow palette